In order to make sure that as many grassroots groups get a chance to submit applications as possible,
the deadline for applications for the Home Sweet Home community organising grant has been extended
to the 7th of August 2017 (01/08/2017).

We want to ensure that small groups involved in community organising and housing campaigns get a chance to access the grant fund. If there are any questions about the application process, please email

To download the Home Sweet Home grant application, click on this link HSH Community Grant Application and then click download.
Print off the document, fill it out, sign it, scan it, and send it to
Printouts must be scanned in order to make sure that the signatures are not digital copies. 

Due to the incredible generosity of the public in donating towards Home Sweet Home over Christmas, more money was raised than needed for the carrying out of the occupation of Apollo House. We want to keep the spirit of Home Sweet Home alive by, in turn, awarding one-off grants to groups or organisations whose ethos, actions and goals are in keeping with those of Home Sweet Home, and with the wishes of those who donated. Home Sweet Home came together because those involved saw the homeless crisis as something that was being perpetuated because those affected were excluded from the national debate and ignored by politicians. We want to support grassroots groups who are fighting against homelessness in their communities and making it an issue that cannot be ignored by those in power.

The community organising grant is intended for grassroots and community groups that are involved in campaigns to end homelessness, or that provide community resources and services. It is in these spaces that people can come together to say enough is enough, and organise to effect political change. However, if anyone donated to Home Sweet Home and disagree with the money going to this cause, they can be refunded their contribution.

Applications will be received by a vetting committee made up of representatives from the unions, artists, and grassroots campaigns groups that make up Home Sweet Home. They will shortlist eligible applications which will then be signed off by those wider groups, in order to ensure accountability.