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On 30 June 2019 the Irish Housing Network in collaboration with Inside Airbnb released a Report on the Impacts of Airbnb in Ireland.

You can find the full report here: Report on the Impacts of Airbnb in Ireland

From the report:

Airbnb is having impacts in cities all over the world that pose challenges for policy makers. Our report makes it clear that Airbnb is having a major impact on housing in Ireland, and is contributing to a housing crisis in which over 10,000 people are homeless and over 3,500 children are homeless. It is the duty of the national government to regulate operators like Airbnb – corporations that manipulate laws to avoid zoning regulations and to make houses into investment portfolios for national and international property managers. International examples show that with effective regulation, the Irish government can and should reign in Airbnb and rogue operators, because first and foremost houses are homes; housing should be a right and not for profit.