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The Housing Games Part 3: Our Response

Words by Aisling Hedderman and Seamus Farrell (own opinions) 2008 was a crisis created by the rich. It was a crisis that saw the rich protected. In housing the outcome has been mortgage distress, high rents, and rising homelessness. The great vision to tackle all of this, public housing aka a new

The Housing Games Part 2: Their Plan

Words by Aisling Hedderman and Seamus Farrell (own opinions) In 2014 after the boom of the Celtic Tiger, the Economic Collapse of 2008 and 6 years of austerity, the housing system was left in tatters. House Prices were low, building had halted and both rents and homeless were rising. Housing in Ireland,

Housing Games Part One: A Irish Housing History

This the first of three pieces looking at the current housing crisis as an organised plan by the Irish elite. It will cover, firstly how the housing system developed in Ireland; secondly, what the plan is of the elite and golden circle and, thirdly, why the current plan will not