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Apollo House

Apollo House was taken over by NAMA meaning that it’s paid for by the people of Ireland, so essentially it is a public building. This is the worst homeless crisis Ireland have experienced and the government is sitting on these empty buildings, it doesn’t make sense not to be using them for social good ( as a solution) Ts is the worst housing crisis this country has ever seen. Doesn’t make sense to have empty buildings and people dying on our streets. Government have been sitting on these buildings. Legitimate to ask them why they haven’t been used.
Conversations have been ongoing regarding the homeless crisis, circulating between different housing groups which have been building relationships and formulating this idea for months, Apollo house is a combination of their work. Different housing groups working in this area for years – forming relationships, having conversations – culmination of their work Discussions began months ago (see Kitty Holland IT article for details)
We have one dorm, which provide beds for 13 residents maximum. We also have several single private rooms, private couple rooms and 3×2 shared bedrooms, each resident is placed in a room based on their wants and needs.