Housing Games Part One: A Irish Housing History

This the first of three pieces looking at the current housing crisis as an organised plan by the Irish elite. It will cover, firstly how the housing system developed in Ireland; secondly, what the plan is of the elite and golden circle and, thirdly, why the current plan will not

6000 in Emergency Accommodation

More people homeless, more suffering and damage being caused. We know the figure are far worse and we have seen councils intimidate to try reduce the official stats. The establishment have little interest in sohttp://irishhousingnetwork.org/lving this crisis, they only make statements saying how bad it all is without challenging the

Support the Bolt Hostel

Tomorrow - Friday 31/07/15 TIME: 10:50 VENUE: The Bolt Hostel - 38/39 Bolton Street, Dublin 1 We would like to thank everybody for their incredible support of the Bolt Hostel. But tomorrow might be its last day. By court order, the Bolt Hostel will be undergoing a fire safety inspection tomorrow at 11 o'clock in