Join us tonight - bring candles, sleeping bags, warm clothes and tents! FROM SUPPORT TO DEFEND! WE ARE NOT BACKING DOWN! Home Sweet Home is defying the court order to leave Apollo House, as the demands of the residents have not been met and they have been forced to return to Apollo

Response to Coveney’s Undermining His Commitments to HomeSweetHome

Home Sweet Home Campaign’s Disappointment with Coveney’s Undermining of his Commitments The Home Sweet Home Campaign is growing increasingly concerned about the government’s commitment to honour the terms of the agreement reached between Minister Simon Coveney and Home Sweet Home. Recent statements from the minister, coupled with feedback from Apollo residents

11th Jan Actions Across the Country

Actions are taking place across the country in solidarity with Home Sweet Home. Get in touch and organise one yourself in your own community! Dublin "Join us as a community as we mark this important milestone and all the achivements of Apollo House, the volunteers and all supporters who help make it work.


Home Sweet Home campaign wins significant improvements for people who are homeless The Home Sweet Home campaign last week met with the Minister for Housing and some of his key officials. Home Sweet Home advised the Minister that the campaign will be taking a legal challenge arguing that the 1937 Constitution

The Housing Games Part 3: Our Response

Words by Aisling Hedderman and Seamus Farrell (own opinions) 2008 was a crisis created by the rich. It was a crisis that saw the rich protected. In housing the outcome has been mortgage distress, high rents, and rising homelessness. The great vision to tackle all of this, public housing aka a new

The Housing Games Part 2: Their Plan

Words by Aisling Hedderman and Seamus Farrell (own opinions) In 2014 after the boom of the Celtic Tiger, the Economic Collapse of 2008 and 6 years of austerity, the housing system was left in tatters. House Prices were low, building had halted and both rents and homeless were rising. Housing in Ireland,