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Postering vacant buildings across Ireland

In recent weeks, paralell to Summerhill occupation, an initiative to highlight all empty houses has started. Groups and individuals across Ireland have shown great support and interest in bringigng more public attention to the vancant buildings in the days when numbers of homeless families is rapidly growing.

Main ideas around Postering empty homes

FIRST: To highlight all empty buildings across Ireland with a unified message
“SHAME ON YOU THIS COULD BE A HOME” drawing media, public, landlord/agencies and politiians attention via direct visual impact and creating a viral social media campagin using #homesforall #together4homes and #neednotgreed. This will show a united presence/strength of groups working together.
SECOND: To mark potential targets for potential expansion of the occupation. This will make landlords/realestate agencies/etc aware of the building being potentialy occupied and hopefully afraid of being exposed to media.
THIRD:To create a unified movement with groups working together, open new communication channels and better bonds between groups and to start new groups.

Groups currently supporting the initiative:

Dublin Central Housing Action
Blanchardstown Housing Action Committee
North Dublin Bay Housing Crisis Committee
Demand for Public Housing Tallaght
Dublin West Housing Action
Housing Action Kildare
Take Back Trinity
A Lending Hand
Dublin Renters Union
Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland
Refugee and Migrant Solidarity Ireland
Community Housing Action Group Dublin North West
National Housing and Homeless Coalition Waterford
Waterford Campaign for Public Housing
Wexford Homeless Housing Action Group
South East Housing and Homeless Collective
Anti Racism Network Ireland
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Files for download:

Folder with all the files and instructions: Google Drive – IHN Posters
Individual PDFs:
A4 Shame on you
A3 Shame on you
Extra files fith an blank space to add custom group names/contacts
A4 Extra
A3 Extra

Adding your group name on the poster

If any groups what they name added to the poster please send a message with the details at:
and our team will update them.

Unite for change

The time for direct action and change is now. By uniting together we can send a strong message to the responsible ones and show our presence and fearlessness. We need to put the differences aside and stand together for the common welfare of all Irelands residents and the future of our childeren.

Lets buld a strong Irish Housing Network and bring change to the housing crisis together.

#together4homes #homesforall #neednotgreed