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Support the Bolt Hostel


Tomorrow – Friday 31/07/15
TIME: 10:50
VENUE: The Bolt Hostel – 38/39 Bolton Street, Dublin 1

We would like to thank everybody for their incredible support of the Bolt Hostel. But tomorrow might be its last day.

By court order, the Bolt Hostel will be undergoing a fire safety inspection tomorrow at 11 o’clock in the morning. This could be the excuse needed to immediately shut us down. This could be the last day the Bolt Hostel is open to homeless families in desperate need of accommodation.

If you believe that it is wrong that vacant, public buildings cannot be used to shelter those most in need, please make your presence felt outside the Bolt Hostel. We need the media and the council to see that this project has public support.

This is a peaceful, respectful show of solidarity with the homeless and those in need. Everyone welcome.

Let’s make this a big one!


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